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What people have to say about collaborating with Gabriela … 


“Gaby and I first worked together at the White House, in the Office of Public Liaison, starting in 1995. She was a star then and she’s only soared since. You notice her passion for her work as soon as you meet her. She is articulate, creative, smart and a consummate professional. Recently, we have worked together as she led exciting e-Government technology projects across the country and here in Palo Alto. She is passionate about the power of technology to transform community-building, governance and services.  I look forward to seeing her expertise in media and politics to improve communities. She is an incredible leader.”

Sid Espinosa, Mayor of the City of Palo Alto and 
Director for Microsoft Corp. – 
December 2011


“For the 20+ years that I have known Gabriela, I have been impressed by her passion, business skill, and dedication to helping government; from time spent at the White House or CNN in Washington DC, to endeavors with a leading e-Government firm. Her blend of talent and dedication is simply hard to find.”

Allison Harris-Turk, Vice President of Corporate Events for  LPL Financial – November 2011


“This organization has grown tremendously since my collaboration with Gabriela.  I had seen her in action through GovPartner for some time now, but recently had the opportunity to work directly with her and am impressed at how much she can accomplish in such a short time and with such quality and care.  We are a community that is based on a culture of collaboration and trust in order to create innovation and Gabriela not only embodies these principles but she brings them out in others.  Gaby will not only fit right in but I guarantee she will transform many of your efforts for the better.  She is a caring, talented lady that can achieve anything and has earned the respect of everyone in our organization!”

Robert Reyes, Founder and CEO of StartupCircle – June 2012



Gabriela was integral in helping GovPartner go from a small startup e-Government technology spinoff firm to an established technology provider.  She has excellent communication skills, is a great team builder and was extremely effective in communicating the clients’ needs to the programmers to effectively tailor the firm’s products in an ever-changing and complex market.  In addition, she has a strong work ethic, is extremely organized, reliable and has a passion for helping government agencies and employees grow.  Gabriela would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.”

Michelle Kvandal, Senior VP of Marketing for Berryman & Henigar (acquired by Bureau Veritas and parent company of GovPartner) – October 2012


“Gabriela was instrumental in the expansion of our business and highly respected by our clients.”

Mike Daniel, CEO of Howard R. Green and President of GovPartner 
– September 2011


I worked alongside Gabriela for seven years and know her well, both professionally and personally. While there are many skills, talents and abilities she embodies, what impressed me most is her passion and tenacity. I always had complete confidence that whatever project or campaign she pursued would in the end be her best work. Gabriela demands excellence from herself and by her example and leadership from those she interacts with.”

Kevin Vincent, Global Director of Business Development, GovPartner – 2012


“I have known Gabriela for over a decade and seen her work with diverse communities throughout San Diego County.  As a Boardmember responsible for setting the tone of collaboration, innovation and responsibility on my campus I recommend Gabriela without hesitation as I know she embodies these principles and will help any educational institution that is fortunate to have her talent.”

Humberto Peraza, Boardmember at Southwestern Community College – October 2012


“I was Gabriela’s direct supervisor at Katz & Associates, and point of contact for her ongoing contract work after she moved on to GovPartner.  I have always seen her consistent application of excellent outreach practices.  Her ability to connect with many audiences comes from the fact that she really cares about these communities and wants to see each program deliver on its full potential.  Through the years I have seen her public affairs expertise expand to include emerging technologies.  This is a powerful combination, because she is able to converse on highly technical issues one moment, then turn around and relay or receive community information in a bilingual / bicultural manner.  She is an asset to any public or private sector effort.”

Kristina Ray, Communications Director at the City of Carlsbad –  October 2012


“Gabriela is one of the most inspiring, motivating people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her wisdom, focus and drive are unsurpassed. As my manager and mentor at GovPartner, she was a shining example of a leader; she is courageous and equally effective with high-level business strategy as she is with attention to detail. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and continue to keep tabs on her amazing accomplishments.”

Kristen Hansen, Co-Founder of IHP and Manager at Google – October 2012



Gabriela is an extremely talented and well-networked communications expert. She has endless energy and enthusiasm for the work she does and her ability to make things happen is impressive. Although she rarely takes no for an answer, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Gabriela should not pass it up.”

Kim Hilsenbeck, Marketing Manager at Howard R. Green Co. – December 2012


“During my time at Katz & Associates, I led outreach efforts for the San Diego Unified School District’s Prop MM $1.15 Billion bond effort which passed with over 80% of the vote.  We ran a very tight team at Katz and Gabriela fit in with a dedication and attention to detail that was absolutely required to be successful.  In fact, Gabriela stood out for her willingness to take on any assignment and her ability to exceed client expectations.”

Rebecca Cole, Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations, PBS&J / Atkins –  November 2012


“I have watched Gabriela work directly with student entrepreneurs and startups of all sizes.  I can attest to her passion for helping others succeed and her ability to organize, outreach and create some impressive events and programs.  Any organization — public or private — in our region would benefit from someone as dedicated, creative and skilled as Gaby.”

Bernhard Schroeder, Director, SDSU Entrepreneur Management Center – 2012


“Working with Gabriela has truly been one of the highlights of my career. I have not met many people with the passion and drive that she possesses. Her vision and leadership were integral in GovPartner making the huge leap from promising startup to successful company. Her knack for effective marketing and intuitive PR is second to none. She has great business sense and is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!”

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, 2XU – September 2, 2008


“Gabriela’s insight and energy to bridge our business and the community was a giant step and major achievement for a company whose previous objective was to be neither seen nor heard.  We appreciate her opening that door.”

Ron Densmore, Plant Manager, Monsanto Kelco / ISP Alginates 
 December 2000



“Gabriela’s professional standards and attitude resonate in the high quality of her work and in the respect her peers give her… she was placed solely in charge of organizing interactive conference calls between Cabinet Secretaries, elected officials and national leaders.  She scheduled over 100 busy leaders to participate in calls that were so successful fellow White House colleagues are now implementing them as part of their own outreach strategies.  Working long hours and often under severe pressure  and time constraints, she has shown a remarkable ability to adapt, stay focused and work quickly as projects change course.”

Suzanna Valdez, Chief of Staff to Miami Mayor, Manny Diaz; Deputy Chief of Staff at US Department of Labor and former Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison – August 1995


Working for a 24-hour news network can be quite stressful but Gabriela demonstrated that she could effectively manage responsibilities and assigned tasks in such an environment. She showed intelligence, efficiency and diligence in the work, always with a smile.”

Lisa Spangenberg, CNN – 1995


“Gabriela is a dedicated, capable and diligent employee.  She accepted each challenge with an open mind and one cannot help but be struck by her ardent desire to succeed.”

Michelle Darmiento, KCBS-TV – 1994


“Gabriela has that certain public spark that is absolutely necessary to be a great reporter.  She is a fast starter and a self starter.”

Thomas Plate, Los Angeles Times – 1994


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